Hydraulic Tube Bender

Hydraulic tube bender for Autoclave Engineer's tubing.


Parker Autoclave Engineers hydraulic tube bender is designed to bend heavy wall tubing
and provide fast, accurate and reliable bending.


  • Single stage hydraulic hand pump.

  • Quick release pivot pins.

  • One-piece shoe locking pin.

  • Rugged bending frame.

  • Precision one-piece bending shoes.


Parker Autoclave Engineer’s tube bender comes complete with pump, cylinder, frame and bending shoes which are self contained in a portable, lockable case. Designed for use on site, or as a manufacturing tool this coning and threading toll is a necessity where tube bending is a requirement. This hydraulic tube bender is designed for use with 1" to 1/4" tubing, it is a must for tubing 9/16" and above.

Hydraulic Tube Bender