Torque Wrench, Wrench Adapters and Torque Values

Torque wrench, wrench adapters, and torque values.


Parker Autoclave Engineer's has available an adjustable torque wrench with a number of wrench adapters for accurate tightening of packing glands and tube nuts. Included are tables showing torque requirements for all valves and components.


  • Micrometer adjustable torque wrench

  • Torque Wrench Range Options:
      - 20 to 150 ft-lbs (27 to 203 Nm)
      - 75 to 250 ft-lbs (102 to 339 Nm)
      - 100 to 600 ft-lbs (136 to 814 Nm)

  • Wrench adapters range from 1/2" to 1 1/2" sizes.

  • Torque Values for Standard and Special Materials:
      -  Connection Gland Torque
      - Valve Stem Running and Seating Torque
      -  Packing Gland Torque
      - Special Material / Lower than maximum gland torque (MAWP pressure for special
        material is etched on part. Using this pressure and this chart to identify correct


Parker Autoclave Engineer’s torque wrench is a necessary tool for proper installation of valves and fittings. Proper torquing of components not only provides the required load to seal but also prevents damage from over or under torquing.

Torque Wrench, Wrench Adapters and Torque Valves