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Parker Autoclave Engineers has used this experience to develop a broad line of air-driven, high pressure pumps that are efficient to operate and simple in design. Compared to other types of hydraulic pumps, they provide cost effective and energy saving benefits for many applications in the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Industrial and Research industries.

These pumps convert simple air pressure into high and ultra-high liquid pressures by utilizing a large area piston on the air side to move a small area plunger and compressing the liquid into very high hydraulic pressures - as high as 60,000 psi (4135 bar).



Applications include:
Hydrostatic/Burst/Leak/Functional testing, Chemical injection, Valve/Hose/Gauge testing, Bolt tensioning, Hydraulic Control systems, Laboratory Research and Autofrettage systems.

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Parker Autoclave: 2D & 3D Pump Models

Parker Autoclave  Pumps Condensed Catalog

Since we went live with our air-operated high pressure pump website we’ve continued to add additional air-to-pressure ratio options within each of the pump product groups.

Today however, Parker Autoclave Engineers is proud to announce the availability of 2D and 3D pump drawings/models that assist our customers in product layouts needing a high degree of accuracy.


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Please select from the list above available Operation and Maintenance manuals. New manuals will be added upon availability..

Updated: March 2020