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Compiled Product Literature

Condense Product Catalogs /International
English Condensed Catalog
French Condensed Catalog
German Condensed Catalog


Quick Set System (QSS) Product Catalog
Quick Set System (QSS) - English

Flared Cone Connection (FCC) - English


Needle Valves
Low Pressure Valves
15SM Medium Pressure Valves
Medium Pressure Valves

High Pressure Valves
Micrometering Valves
Block & Bleed Valve
Double Block and Bleed 20DBNV
Yoke Valve

Valve Actuators
Piston Style Pneumatic Actuators

Air Operator Sizing Data - Air to Close
Air Operator Sizing Data - Air to Open

Electric Flow Control Valve
Electric Flow Control Valve

Electric Actuated Shut-Off/Flow Regulating Needle Valve

Fittings & Tubing
Low Pressure Fittings and Tubing
Medium Pressure Fittings and Tubing
High Pressure Fittings and Tubing

Ultra High Pressure Fittings and Tubing


Male to Female Adapters
Male to Male Adapters

QSS Male to Male

QSS Male to Female
JIC Male to Male

JIC Male to Female
EZ-Union Adapters
Butt-Weld Adapters
Header Coupling Adapters
Bulkhead Adapters
Special Adapters
Tube Caps
Gauge Connectors

Ball Valves
Ball Valves Group
Subsea Ball Valves
6DB-Double Block and Bleed

Relief Valves
RVP Series - Metal Seat
RVS Series- Soft Seat



Thermocouples - Pencil Style
Thermocouples - Sheath Style
Universal Safety Heads
Prebuldge Rupture Discs
Pressure Gauges

Gauges / Instrument Snubbers

Sour Service Products
30Vm - SOGWO Series
60VM-SOGWO Series
Sour Service Fittings
Sour Service Tubing
Sour Service Nipples
Sour Service Check Valves
Pressure Gauges

Tools, Installation, Operation & Maintenance
Installation: Speed-Bite Connections
Tool: Manual Coning and Threading Tools
Installation: Coning and Threading Machine
Instruction: Anti-Vibratioon Collet Gland Assembly
Tools: Re-Seating Tool
Tools: Coning and threading Machine

Cutting Oil P-8784 MSDS for Manual Coning

Cutting Oil P-8699 MSDS for Machine Coning

Maintenance: Tubing Connection
Tools: Hydraulic Tube Bender

Technical Information



Operation and Maintenance Manuals


2B4/MAB4 2-Way 1/4" Ball Valves
2B6/MAB6 2-Way 3/8" Ball Valves
2B8/MAB8 2-Way 1/2" Ball Valves
2B12 2-Way 3/4" Ball Valves
2B16 2-Way 1" Ball Valves


3B3 3-Way 3/16" Ball Valve
3B6 3-Way 3/8" Ball Valve
3B8 3-Way 1/2" Ball Valve


4B6 4-way 3/8" Ball Valve


Actuator: Electric, Flow-Regulating/Shut-off (Std Enc)
Actuator: Electric, Flow-Regulating/Shut-off (Explosion Proof Enc)
Actuator: Micro Electric Flow-Regulating (Std Enc)
Actuator: Mini Piston Actuated (MVE) Needle Valves
Actuator: Piston Actuated Needle Valve

Actuator: Heavy Duty Piston Actuated Needle Valve
Actuator: Diaphragm Actuated Needle Valve

Valves: Needle, Manually Operated

Valves: Relief Valves



Manual Coning and Threading - KMCT
Machine Coning and Threading - AEGCTM

HST: Hydraulic Set Tool
HTB: Hydraulic Tube Bender

Universal Safety Head

EZ-Union Connection System